To Africa and beyond...

Four people, two vehicles both stuck in the Botswana mud 20 meters  - 12 hours later, four people, two vehicles, both stuck 2Km apart!  What do you do? Getting stuck was just part of our three month overland trip through South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.  Read on to find out how Martin & Lee-Anne-Anne got out of that mud hole! Read more about their trip in a 32 year old Land Rover.

Various photos of the trip are available for viewing.

Aus campsite, Namibia

To Africa and Beyond was an overland trip undertaken by Martin & Lee-Anne-Anne in June 1999. The intended route was from Cape Town, South Africa all the way to Malawi or beyond.  Due to mechanical problems with Mrs Golly (the Land Rover), resulting in huge financial pressures, the trip was drastically shortened. The story ends with Martin & Lee-Anne-Anne flying to the UK, where each of their roads forked. New roads are now travelled independently, but knowing Martin & Lee-Anne-Anne, they will both continue to walk boldly forward knowing that time never stands still.

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